Our Mission

Lutheran Engagement and Advocacy in Nevada is guided by a Policy Council that meets to prioritize issues for advocacy activity. Policy Council members represent the Sierra Pacific and Grand Canyon Synods of the ELCA. LEAN is accountable to the ELCA and the Synods for its advocacy work.


• Work for tax and fiscal policies that reflect our Christian values while  making wise provision for a growing population, including the disadvantaged

• Work to achieve affordable housing for all

• Work to eradicate hunger and poverty in Nevada and throughout the world

• Advocate for wage levels that enable all persons to adequately support self and family

• Work toward a criminal justice system that is just and prepares offenders to re-enter society successfully


Dr. Ed Cotton

Pr. Diane Drach-Meinel

Sheila Freed

Rev. Mike Patterson

Vic Williams


Allan Smith Director of Advocacy alorden@att.net

Sheila Freed Publicity scf1@charter.net

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